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On holiday, but….

Sometimes coming on holiday to a place where you are known for taking photos, can be a chore.  For instance the owner of one of the gogo bars in Patong contacted me asking to take some photos of his girls so he can update his website.  An opportunity, you may think, that was not to be missed; but not as easy as you may think.

Because I am travelling I have a limited amount of gear with me.  Then we had the venue, which was small, had low ceilings and lots of things to get in the way.  Oh, Lord for s 38′ shooting lane, but I had to make do.  Added to this the girls hadn’t eaten yet, so their thoughts were elsewhere, and not on having fun, which the shoot should have been.

Anyway the client was happy with the photos so thats what counts I suppose.

Suzy Wongs Gogo, Phuket


On holiday

So another holiday in Phuket, just for a week this time before I head back to the UK.  One of the things I like about coming here is the ample opportunities for photographing really beautiful people.  One of the things I hate though, is the terrible lighting in some of the bars.  I was in a bar yesterday where the lighting was basically red all red, everyone looked like demons.  But, the processing of the cameras is getting better and is starting to be able to cope with this combined with high iso capabilities makes it relatively easy to produce pictures like this:-



With a kick like a mule!

Trying out different beers when I visit a new country is always a delight, and when I came to the Philippines, the challenge was still there, but trying to avoid the same old San Miguel beers that you find elsewhere in Asia.

Well they have this beer called Red Horse, that markets itself as a premium lager, and is rather tasty.

So the photos are out of focus, probably because this was my third bottle tonight and this stuff is almost 9% alcohol by volume!



So, my first trip to the Phillipines in loads of years. Due to my procrastination, the only flight available was the 9 am flight with Cathay, and even that was full!  Good thing though, as I got a free upgrade.

I still don’t quite understand the airport; after you clear customs, anything could happen – fortunately Sheng was there to meet me, which is a good thing as it was her I came to see!

I am staying at the Shangri-La Edsa, which to be honest is a little tired, but the staff are very pleasant and there is a nice pool area in the garden – an oasis of calm in the bustle of Manila.

Having got changed, Sheng drageed me out to the SM Mall of Asia.  I supposed she wanted to impress me with its size and stuff, but joining 200,000 shoppers is not my idea of fun.  Anyway we walked a little distance to the seafront and settled down to some Filipino food.  Too be honest I am not sure exactly what the dishes were called, there was something called sisig, and some kind of beef soup with a peanut sauce and I had a marlin steak.


A quick update

So, having just got my new camera, I had to leave it in Hong Kong whilst I went to Dalian on a business trip.  I got back to Hong Kong, late on Saturday afternoon, and had to dash over to Diamond Hill for the monthly PASM workshop party.

This month they were trying out some makeup and UV lights; probably not the best place to give a new camera its first real workout, but, hey, you have to start somewhere.

To be honest, I didn’t get into the photoshoot much; with only the UV lights, you couldn’t really get the eyes, as you can see below.

Ultraviolet Lighting

After the shoot, I was offered a lift into Wanchai, and I ended up outside Amazonia, watching the world go by.  I headed home just after midnight, which is probably not a clever idea when I had to catch a 9 o’clock flight in the morning, and I hadn’t even packed yet.


The Fat Photographer’s New Toy

Canon EOS-1 D Mark IV

OK, I have been lusting after this for a while, and eventually it turned up.  Good thing too, as in the UK this would have been HK$9,000 more than the price I paid here ( I managed to get it for HK$1,000 under the list price, not much, but when you consider how hard it is to get here, I was happy).

You may have noticed that I haven’t attached the camera strap, well, that’s because I am getting a black rapid rs-4 from Victor at PASM Workshop. Anyway it took a while to charge the battery.  Did I use this time constructively, by reading the manual – no, at 274 pages, I am not likely to, either.  Eventually with a fully charged battery, I took a few test shots, wanting to try the high ISO capabilties of this beast.

Auto everything

First up everything on auto, AWB, auto ISO, P mode, JPEG straight out of the camera (the actual shot settings were

Exposure: 1/50 sec
Aperture: f/1.4
ISO Speed: 2000

Yes there is some noise, but for ISO 2000, whose complaining?

Next up a long exposure:-

30 secs @ f/13, iso 100

30 seconds at f/13 on iso 100 – lovely jubbly

So next we had to see what the top iso was like.

iso 12,800

OK at iso 12800, as you would expect there is noise, lots of it, in fact, but this shot was exposed for 1/10 sec at f/8  – so if I was going handheld I could have shot it at f/2 at 1/40 second.  This kit has possibilties.  I am keen to into Lan kwai Fong tonight and get some St patrick’s celebration night pictures; unfortunately, I have to pack for a business trip to Dalian.