Bangla Road Bar

Bangla Road Street Bar

Street Photography day.  Here is a photo I took on my last holiday in Phuket.  To me, street photography should at least hint at a story, or try to give an insight into the world where it was taken.  I don’t know what this photo says to you, and when I first saw this photo I was equally unimpressed, but then I looked closer.  What I see immediately is two men on holiday sitting outside a bar nursing their beers and watching the world go by.  They seem to be gazing at nothing, and who knows what they are thinking of?  Behind the guy on the right, there is a girl.  She may be sat next to someone, but she seems to be fully aware of her surroundings, knowing exactly what is happening in her environment; maybe she even fancies the guy on the right?

This is where street photography to me gets interesting.  On the one hand we have an image, a true representation of a moment in time at a certain place.  Those two men were sitting on those stools with there beers when I pressed the shutter release button and the camera sensor captured the light coming through the lens, and turned it into digital pixels; but, on the other hand the image has metamorphosed into a reflection of , what Siegrfried Kraceauer called, “a new, hitherto unsuspected dimension of reality”.


1 Response to “Bangla Road Bar”

  1. 1 Robert b
    March 2, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    Brillant mate…I like your insight…well said.

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