Four years passes in a flash

Today, marks four years since I came to work in Hong Kong.  It is also ten days until I leave and return to the United Kingdom.  I have relished my time here, I have met some wonderful people, had some memorable times, and got bitten by the bug that is called photography.

If I have any regrets, it’s that I didn’t make any effort to learn Cantonese.  My company offered me language lessons when I arrived, which I had; unfortunately, my employer insisted I learned Mandarin.  OK, this is easier, and more useful when I travel to the mainland, but on the whole I think a grounding in the local language would have been a better choice.

If I had the chance to come back and work here, it would be a simple choice and I would be back on that paraffin budgie faster than a rat up a drain pipe; but, that is not on the cards at the moment.  Anyway, before I get too morose, I thought I would dig out one of the earlier photos I took after I arrived here.  I was doing all the touristy things and paid a visit to the Big Buddha, with my Thai girl friend.  The Big Buddha is still there, my Thai girl friend is something that is gone away.  The photo isn’t brilliant by any means, but I do like the composition.

Big Buddha


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