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Cooking ingredients 1

So i am rustling up a chilli con carne, which gave me a chance to photograph the onion.

Brings tears to your eyes


Learning for Life

In order to overcome my procrastination in picking up a camera (or more bluntly, to get off my ass and take some pictures), I have decided to do a course in photography online.

The course I chose was a diploma course from the photographic institute, and comes as a set of 24 assignments.  So far, I have completed the first assignment, which, disappointedly didn’t involve taking any photos; but, now I am in the second assignment, I get to take photos.

So far the technical part of the course is not too challenging.  The first module covered different cameras, lenses and practical lens choices.  The second module has covered the shutter, aperture / shutter speed relationship, and the most useful part to me, previsualisation.  This is about thinking about how you want to photograph a subject, long before you even get to the location.  Think about light, contrast, composition and try to create an artistic picture in your mind.  When you get on set, you may need to change a few things, like I did with what started off as a simple photo of a fork.  By adding the piece of muffin at the end of the process I ended up with a photo that I was happy with.

The Last Morsel