A photo studio in a carpark

Peter, a good sport.

As part of my homework, for the portrait photography course I am doing, I was required to produce four portraits: a half length and a head and shoulders of a single person sitting down, and a half length and a head and shoulders of two people sitting down.  This posed a problem for me, as my family is spread out around the world, and my work won’t let me take photos on site, and the rest of the people I know in the area will be my customers in the future.

So I decided to set up a mobile photoshoot in a car park next to the town hall off the High Street, where I live, and then I would persuade people to come and sit for me.  Setting up was easy, and being a Sunday, the car park wasn’t busy; and surely I would need to buy a ticket for the car park?  The first person who came along agreed to pose for me; this was going to be easy, I thought.  Then three knock backs, the first was late for work, the next in a hurry to catch a train, and the third, needed to get to a toilet.

Then, another success, so I was getting 2 customers out of five.  Hey, marketing is easy!  OK they weren’t paying money, but they were willing.  I even had one couple who asked me how much the portraits cost!  Then, into the car park drove the car park attendant, Peter.  He approached me and pointing to my car, asked if it was mine.  I gave him my spiel, and he agreed to sit for me, as long as I got a ticket for my car.  So, Peter, for being a great sport, this post is dedicated to you.  Thanks also to Spencer, Jason, Jill and Daphne, who also sat for me.


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