Spicy Food before Bed can lead to Nightmares

This weekend was another seminar in the Barrett & Coe portrait photography course, and an enjoyable day it was too.  We covered several subjects, some of which I found to be useful revision, such as environmental photography and Hollywood makeover, some of the stuff was entirely new to me such as pet photography and scoring photographs for contests.

I found learning about the scoring really useful, basically each photograph is scored based on five different criteria, and each criterion is scored separately and independently.  To ensure that we got the drift of this, we each had to score several photographs, at the same time as one of the tutors, who is an experienced judge.  There were prizes for the three students who scored closest to the judge.  I have to admit that apart from the first and last photograph, my own views were wildly different from the judge, but for once when they tooted up my scores, I was close enough to win a prize, a ten quid voucher for use at a professional photography lab, my first photography prize, hopefully not the last.

The course organisers are very good at sending out information on each seminar several days before the workshops, and I was keen to learn about pet photography.  The previous evening to the workshop, I made myself a spicy Thai curry with prawns – not a good idea!  During the night I had a very vivid dream about having as a model pet a huge Siberian Tiger, and I had a great deal of difficulty in getting this ferocious beast to pose, or even to get comfortable on the posing blocks.  Fortunately on the day, we only learned about the theoretical side of cat and dog photography, and there was no practical.  However for our homework, we have to take some pet photos.  Yes we get homework, so when I get to Hong Kong next week, I have a lot of portraits to take, so if any of my Hong Kong model friends want to help me out…

The session I enjoyed the most was the hollywood makeover session.  This is promoted as an extra to the normal portrait or event photography session.  It is done quickly and is supposed to lead to extra sales.  The set up was straightforward enough, and we practiced on a couple of models, and I was quite happy with the results.  Here are the shots I liked the best.


















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