Throw your Hong Kong guide books away,

Or at least the ones about LAN Kwai Fong, because it’s just about closed. There are a few bars left, like Bar George, Stormies, the Keg and Coconuts, but the rest seem to be closed. The Hong Kong Brewhouse has moved from it’s prime spot, and now is almost hidden away. Hard Rock is coming soon; didn’t they try Hong Kong before and fail miserably?
I am sure mr. Zimmerman has a plan, but at the moment it seems to be to try and drive all the customers to Soho and Wanchai. Wanchai doesn’t seem to have changed too much. I didn’t try Neptune III, but a lot of regular haunts such as Amazonia, Carneggies and the Dog House made me welcome again.
I popped back into my favorite camera shop yesterday. I was looking for a Canon EF 28-300mm L lens, but they couldn’t offer me a discount on this item. It’s still a bit cheaper than the UK, guess I will have to think about it for a while.
One nice thing about this place is being able to sit in Hong Kong Park, connect to the free wifi supplied by the HK authorities and write my blog. I guess it’s back to Wanchai tonight, but not drinking so much.


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