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Exam weekend

On Friday, immediately after getting back from Athens, I headed to Norwich for my Portrait Photography course, and despite the stress of it all, it was a great weekend.  On the Saturday morning, I had a two hour written exam, then in the afternoon a one hour session with five sitters followed by a one hour hollywood make-over session.  The session with the five sitters was grueling, but fun, and the sitters were easy enough to get along with. Producing twenty-four different shots in an hour, getting them posed correctly, getting the camera angle right, and then teasing an expression out of all of them is hard work, especially when you are working in an enclosed studio with modeling lights; however, at the critique I was praised for the expressions, and the expression is the most important thing.

For the make-over shoot, my sitter was really easy to get along with, and we spent most of the time chatting, which was OK as the shots can be taken relatively quickly.  In the morning I had scouted around for some places to take environmental shots, but of course by the afternoon the sun had moved round and I had to do some quick thinking to get suitable locations.  What i didn’t realise, until later, was that my sitter had had a barney with the previous student!

On the Sunday morning we had an absolutely brilliant presentation on setting up a business and the marketing and sales process.  This had to be, for me the best presentation of the whole course, and was packed with really vital information.

All in all, I got a grade 2 pass with a score of 71%, probably due to the lack of homework I submitted, and I am really looking forward to starting the wedding course in July; but first, a quick trip to Le Havre, and well earned holiday in Phuket.