Sort of busy weekend..

Saturday started off with 4 appointments in my diary for photographing babies.  The first appointment went well; I was pleased to see that there was a studio portrait of their eldest child on the wall, so, they were going to be used to buying studio portraits, and weren’t going to be surprised by the prices.  Finished that job, and picked up my voicemail – it was my 3rd appointment wanting to re-arrange!  left a message with some alternative times, another job to follow up.  I found somewhere to park near my 2nd appointments house, dragged all my gear round, knocked on the door – no answer!  Tried to phone them – no reply.  Oh well another no show, it happens.  So not having another appointment for 3 hours I decided to head to the supermarket and do my shopping, halfway down the detergents aisle, my phone rings – it was my 2nd appointment, waiting for me to show up.  The long and short of it was, they hadn’t given me the correct address.  So that one was re-arranged!  Fortunately, the 4th appointment went smoothly.

Yesterday was the last wedding seminar before the exams in December, which went well.  We went over some of the standard shots, and went over some of the theory questions.


After the seminar, I dashed back to do a viewing for the 1st appointment on the Saturday.  We started off with 41 pictures. from those they rejected 4.  After further comparing we got it down to seven photos.  They were determined that they only wanted to pay for 1 print, so with the free gift.  There were 5 photos, that they really liked, but wouldn’t pay for.  They just couldn’t afford the photos, still a £50 sale is OK.  I have another viewing this evening after work.  We will have to see how that one goes.


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