Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache growing charity event, that has seen several of my friends and colleagues who have sprouted hairy upper lips to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostrate and testicular cancer. You will be pleased to hear that, although I have sponsored several moustaches, I have remained clean shaven throughout.

On the photo business side, things are looking a lot brighter. Firstly, I removed the cap on the number of client leads I receive; and, secondly, I started to do a sitting after work, followed by a viewing. My diary is now full, until I leave for my holiday on 19th December, and I already have eight sittings booked for January.

In November, I did 24 sittings – I would have done more, but there were a few cancellations and rearrangements due to the baby coming out in a rash, or getting a cold. From those sittings, I secured six sales. My largest sale was £425, and there were two of those – for November my average order was just under £250. I really could do with some more £400 plus, sales though. But the real bonus, is I am starting to get referrals. On Monday evening I was doing a viewing for a young couple, and one of the grand-parents walked in, saw the photos and burst into tears, so I will go back and give the grand-parents a viewing sometime, also in January, they want a family sitting undertaken. My second viewing, on Monday, Mum burst into tears during the slide show (this is not so unusual), and she has several friends who are pregnant or just had babies; she will recommend me to them. If they all live in £600k apartments then I will be happy.

Having said that, I am just as satisfied selling a single image of a baby to a couple, that they will treasure. And, the job is still fun, especially, the viewings. On Sunday I did a viewing for a single Mum, and Granny was there, and two of Mum’s sisters. All of them loved the photos, and the presentation was hilarious with the girls making comments on the expression of the baby I had captured. It took a while, but I walked out with a healthy sale from that, but, even if they had just taken the free gift, I would have been smiling.

The biggest expense this month, was replacing my car. My little run around, that I purchased 18 months ago to tide me over until I went back to Hong Kong, finally gave up the ghost; well, it had done 130,000 miles. So I have replaced it with a nearly new, Nissan Qashqai, which is one of only two cars that is designed and built in Britain, but, mainly, is the ideal car for me to lug my photography gear around the urban landscape of Twickenham, Richmond and Hounslow.

This coming weekend, I have to travel to Norwich for my wedding photography exam. I haven’t done much revision, so will have to see what the outcome is, but hour for hour, portrait photography seems to be more profitable.


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