First week back and I have been busy and sick!

So my body just wasn’t ready to come back to a British winter, and I soon succumbed to a cold, which laid me out for a couple of days – not nice when combined with jet-lag.  And, I didn’t have time to relax, having several orders of photos to deliver, but seeing the happiness and satisfaction on the customers faces was a real tonic.

On Friday, I went to the Society of wedding and portrait photographers (SWPP) convention, in London, which was combined with my franchise day.  OK this convention is nowhere near as big as CES, or even the FOCUS on Imaging convention, but its nice and chilled out.  Looking around the trade show, there were three things that caught my eye; first was the Canon EOS 1Dx – this was nice to hold, had a couple of extra buttons, but I think I will stick to my 1Ds, thank you very much.  The next to attract my attention was the Pentax 645D.  This 40 million pixel behemoth was just beautiful, they allowed me to play with it, and the enjoyment is to hard to describe.  The autofocus is slow, but, oh, so sexy – like driving a car with a well engineered gear box, it just feels right.  In the UK, these are retailing at £10,500 – basically out of my price range (hmm, that insurance policy matures in March), but the guy at the stand told me they were trying to set up a 2 year interest free loan deal – which could make it very attractive indeed.  The final item to grab my interest was the Wacom 24HD Cintiq tablet.  Oh, yes, you can keep your sports cars and luxury yachts, just get me one of these babies!  And, at a snip under £2,000, its a purchase that may use up part of my bonus this year – along with a re-enforced bench to support it – the think weighs close to 70lbs or 30kg.

Speaking of weight, I may have to rename this blog soon, as I have started to go on a diet.  I had lost 10kg, since my return from Hong Kong, and basically I was back to my pre-Hong Kong weight; but, having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I need to make some changes.  So, week 1 of the diet I lost 7lbs, lets hope i can keep it up, theres another 42lbs to go!

Anyway its back to the baby photos this weekend.  Good to get back into the saddle.  The main target this year is to open a small studio.  More on progress to do this later in the year.  Just wish I could incorporate a fish tank full of beer!


2 Responses to “First week back and I have been busy and sick!”

  1. January 15, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Dude, really sorry to read about the diabetes. Take good care of yourself!

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