Another Month Over


So we are supposed to be in a double dip recession, and everyone is meant to be feeling the pinch, but the orders for baby photos are still flowing nicely, thank you very much.  Despite it being a short month (my first sitting wasn’t until 14th January) I still managed to sell over £1,600 worth of photos, a record.








So sales are climbing, but I am still trying to find the right balance of appointments to work load; I reckon 10-12 sittings a week is about right.  I need to spend more time doing marketing, in order to secure the customers who will spend more to increase my average order volume, which this month was just over £200.

I also need to work more on my processes, as I am still getting a number of sitting and viewing no shows, and a few families who only take the free gift.  One of the great things about being part of a franchise is the support I get from other franchisees.  One franchise holder is a whiz with software, and he has been a great help with ProSelect and loading up templates.  Another has passed on a lead for some work he can’t undertake.

On the negative side, this month, I received a ticket for illegally using a bus lane, and my car was clamped when I parked in the wrong place.  These have pushed up my motor transport costs to over £500, which is around the same I would hope to pay on a month’s rent for a small studio.

The search for a studio has started; I am looking for a premises of around 500 square feet, in the middle of my franchise area, with adequate parking, but not on a high street. Preference is for a ground floor premises, as a lot of my clients will have push chairs/prams and won’t want to negotiate stairs.  I am hoping to keep the annual rent below £6,000 per annum, but that may be hard this close to London.  I have spotted a warehouse on a business park and a couple of shops where I may be able to negotiate the rent to within my budget.


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