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February – best month yet!

Another month draws to a close, so its time to report my KPIs.  Well February was a good month, with my highest number of sales, and my highest total sales volume.
















The average order volume stays fairly steady at just under £200, which for baby photos, ain’t bad.

The search for a studio is proving to be painfully slow, and difficult.  Based on an annual turnover of £60,000 per annum that I hope to achieve once I start doing family portraits; that gives me a budget for rent of £6,000 per annum or £12 per sq. foot, and I haven’t found anything like that yet, but I am still looking.


Kate Middleton is Pregnant

Yep, that’s right you heard it here first!  So how did I come by this piece of tittle-tattle? I was told it by our company’s press officer.  One of the ladies in our team is the main organizer for the company’s annual function, and the press officer came over, yesterday, to ask a question about the parking.  The press officer is an ex-Fleet Street hack and is married to a photojournalist, who still works on the ‘Street of Shame’. So, the reason for the question, was that he would be getting to the hotel early, so he could watch the England v. Wales Rugby match, but his wife would arrive later as she had to photograph Kate Middleton.  He then said, “Its quite difficult for her, you know.  She’s not allowed to ride in police cars or helicopters, because she’s pregnant”

Well the whole office turned around, stunned – did he just say that Kate Middleton was pregnant?  It turns out that, its the press officer’s wife that’s pregnant, not Kate Middleton.  Of course Kate might have a bun in the oven, we just don’t know.