So what make’s a great job?

I love taking photographs, and I love taking photos of people.  Although, I am not, by any means, brilliant at it; it seems I have the skills to make people cry when they see my photos of their babies, not always, but sometimes – and they do get out their wallets and pay me for these photos, again, not always, but, more often than not. Better than all this, though, is meeting really nice people.  I don’t think I have ever worked as a photographer for anyone that has made me say, “I won’t be going back there again”.  Some of my customers can be particularly trying, and some of them are absolutely brilliant, and exceed my initial expectations by miles.  I had one such customer this weekend:- the initial appointment told me that the customer was Ukranian, and living in run down part of my territory.  I didn’t have great expectations, but, oh how wrong I was!  When I arrived at the door the Mum was nicely dressed and had put on some make up, Dad was in the shower, and the baby was awake and alert.  Further more, they had cleared a large space in their living room to give me enough room.  The to top it all off, when I asked Mum if she wanted a light or dark background for her baby’s photos she knew she wanted the darker background, which is my preference as well.  So there was a great photo session, followed by the product walk, no problems there, and they didn’t baulk at the price list.  So all is looking well for the viewing later this week; and, even if they don’t buy anything, it will have been nice meeting with them and working with them.  So, I can safely say, that taking portraits reflects my passion:- tick box number one.

As a photographer and part of a franchise, I have the opportunity to be coached by some very talented people, whether they be other franchisees who have bee running studios for a few years, or multi-award winning photographers who have been taking photos for over 30 years.  Also, by joining various professional photography societies, you can get access to some great talents, who are happy to share advice.  Additionally, you can go on training courses.  For instance, I don’t see myself as a natural salesman, so I am going to a workshop on Friday, aimed at improving my sales techniques.  Maybe changing my terminology will help?  I thought it was a workshop; but it seems to be called a ‘Bootcamp’!  So, great mentoring is available – tick box number two.

Learning a lot and fast; oh, yes, I have had to do that!  Pointing a camera, with the correct settings, and pressing the shutter at the right time is only a small part of it all.  Taking photos that sell is important, but how do you get those customers in the first place, and once you are taking photos for that customer, how do you get them to part with their hard earned cash?  What did I learn today?  Don’t believe Mum when she says that its safe to take their babies nappy off.  Fortunately, I had already learned to keep a spare blanket in the back of the car, for the next client.  So, continual learning, tick box number three.

Does the job encourage rapid change?  Well that’s a good question.  The franchise I am in is growing rapidly, with new studios opening, and new, national marketing campaigns, so yes I am having to adapt rapidly.  The photography, I would say isn’t changing that much.  At the moment I am reading a book on lighting for portraits, written by Walter Nurnberg in 1948. Although the language is quaint, and the terminology different, everything he writes in that book still holds true today.  For those of you interested, if you can get hold of a copy from a book dealer, I would say its worth every penny. Tick box number four.

So all in all, its a great job that I really enjoy; but, everybody needs to earn a crust, so I am not planning to give up the day job yet.  When I can turnover £200,000 per year in sales – then I will definitely consider it.  My target is to reach that target in 3 years.



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