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Why i am so happy to work in my studio

The studio has been open three weeks, and its absolutely brilliant.  It is a joy to come to work here, and I wish I had found this place months ago.

Before, when travelling to peoples homes, not only did I have to carry all my equipment and samples, but the amount of uncertainty I faced was amazing:- would there be a place to park my car (hopefully, without being clamped or getting a ticket), how much space would there be (from a purpose built studio in one house, to four people living in a single bedroom with no room to swing a cat), where would I put my light, how would I show them the images (nice modern TV I could plug my laptop into, or would I need my projector).  Now I have a place with easy parking, three rooms to work in: a reception to get to know my clients and to find out what styles of photographs they want, a studio to actually take the photos, and a viewing room to show them the pictures afterwards.


And of course because I am operating in my studio the lights are already set up, and I just need to make minor adjustments during the session.

On the negative side, my overheads are higher, but that should be equalled out with higher average orders.  Also I have to clean up after my customers.  Anyone who has had a baby will know how messy they can be! It also astounds me how many mums don’t think twice about wheeling their wet, muddy pushchairs onto the carpet.


One of the nicest things for me is that if I have a cancellation, then I can get on with something else like accounts or photo editing or even updating this blog; whereas, when I was on the road, a cancellation invariably meant dead time.  Having said that I am finding the studio has a slightly higher no show rate than home visits.

Another great thing is being able to take family portraits, something that was quite hard to do in people’s homes.  Now I have the space to do this, and also it makes available to me certain national marketing campaigns, that weren’t available to me without a studio.


Now, I am starting to market the wedding side of my business, and if I get 5 or 6 weddings next year that will be fine, because realistically there is more profits in family photos than there is in weddings.



First wedding under my belt

So, on Friday I photographed my first wedding, and I really enjoyed it.  Of course we had a hot day with clear blue skies, just about the worst weather to photograph a wedding in, and it was quite hard to find some shade to kill the top light, but there was a small rose garden nearby, where there was just enough shade.  The other thing was the bride arrived before the groom, due the groom’s father being sick on the way to the wedding, but these little things are sent to test us 🙂

My duties were to assist Paul generally, and take some reportage photographs and close ups during the ceremony.  I, also, managed to take some photos to use in my homework.











































Looking Forward to next Week

I am looking forward to the end of next week, because my neighboring franchise holder has invited me to be 2nd camera at a wedding.  It will be good to put all I have learned at the training seminars into practice and to work alongside an experienced wedding photographer in a real life setting.

The wedding will take place at the Merton Register Office which is about 45 minutes from my home, but is a beautiful setting.  I went there today to scout out the venue.  Firstly, hopefully this will stop me getting lost on the way to the wedding on the day – I got lost three times this morning!  Secondly, it gave me an idea which way the light will be falling on the day.












Not only is the building imposing from the front and sides, there is a wonderful courtyard garden at the rear, which I feel will be ideal for taking photos after the ceremony.

So hopefully the weather will be nice; oh, yes, I hope I don’t get delayed on my way back from the Netherlands.


Barrett and Coe Wedding Course

Today was day one of the wedding course I am undertaking, and its good to be doing some training again.  Although its only 5 weeks since the exam day for the portrait course, I have missed my Sundays in Ware.  Although there is some cross over from the portrait course to this course there is a whole lot to learn.  One of the daunting things about wedding photography, is remembering the photos you have to take.  Missing an important shot, is going to get you into hot water with the bride and groom.  So, to remember the shots you have to take the wedding is broken down into blocks, and today we learnt about Block A, which is the groom and best man, with the ushers at the church, normally taken before the bride arrives.

Obviously we didn’t have a wedding party to use as models, so we used the other students and members of staff.  Jenny, above, is a dab hand at role playing members of the wedding party – above, she is role playing the best man.

Here, the groom and the best man shake hands, a classic wedding shot, although the groom isn’t usually wearing cargo shorts and trainers!

We also practiced some environmental shots, with the aim of killing top light, and recognising the differing levels of light and shade.

So, in this shot of another student, the left side of his face is a little shiney, but there is a hint of a rembrandt triangle, and I am quite happy with the shot.

In summary, its good to be training again, now, on with the homework!